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October 22

4222 Highland Ave KCMO 64110


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We're looking forward to seeing you!  A few things to note before your visit:


-Our pizza pop-ups happen on a working farm - be aware of potential trip hazards.

-We do not have a bathroom on-site so please plan ahead.

-We take in-person orders but we prioritize orders placed online - there may be a wait for walk-in orders.

-We regularly sell out - ordering online guarantees your order.

-TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE: Scroll down and select the arrival time (Step 1) and make sure it's in your cart (it will show up as a $0 item), then select your pizzas (Step 2).

-We have beverages for sale on-site.

-Kids are always welcome but please attend to them at all times (again, lots of tripping hazards and other potential dangers on a farm).

Order Online

Step 1

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Step 2

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


About our pies

We make a contemporary Neapolitan style pizza called Pizza Canotto, which has a thin crust in the center with exterior crust, or "cornicione," that is both soft and airy on the inside while being crunchy on the outside.  Canotto translates into dinghy, like an inflatable raft, which is what these pizzas look like with their puffed up rims!

Each pizza is 10"-12" and like most Neapolitan pizzas, ours feature super fresh ingredients (we are a farm after all), not too much cheese, and a signature leopard spot crust.  Can be enjoyed as a personal pizza or shared with others.  We use a high temperature wood fired oven that reaches 1000°F, and produces a pizza that is a nice smokiness and char.

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