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A neighborhood farm in Ivanhoe KCMO serving our neighbors and the greater Kansas City area


Jameson Hubbard started Dirt Beast Farm in 2018 to grow clean, affordable, nutritious, delicious, and sustainable produce for his neighbors in Ivanhoe, KCMO, and the greater Kansas City area.  Dirt Beast Farm operates on 1.5 acres of urban lots which had sat vacant for years.  It took 3 years of moving soil, building organic matter, removing bermuda grass (which we are still battling!), and nurturing the biology in the soil to reliably grow vegetables.  In 2021 we were finally able to put the whole farm into cultivation.  This year also saw us partnering with local chefs, turning a portion of our farm into a community garden, and the addition of our first employees.

In order to ensure that Dirt Beast Farm grows with our neighbors in mind, we adopted a "Sustainable 3-Ps" approach. In addition to the necessity of making a profit, we focus just as much attention on the two other "P"s inherent to a sustainable business model - People and Planet. Without a constant focus on all 3 Ps, our business does not work, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Check out our blog and sign up to our newsletter to find out how we strengthen our business and local economy, improve our sustainable practices, and work to increase access to affordable, nutritious foods in our communities.

Many thanks go out to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Cultivate KC, and other organizations for their financial support, necessary to get this farm up and running, to Mr Neil Rudisill of Woodland City Farm, who has served as an informal mentor over the years, to our neighbors for putting up with the Bobcat skid steer at odd hours (shout out to Mr and Mrs Hayes), and all of our friends and family for making this farm a reality.

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