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An urban farm in Ivanhoe KCMO serving our neighbors and the greater Kansas City area


Jameson Hubbard started Dirt Beast Farm to grow clean, affordable, nutritious, delicious, and sustainable produce for his neighbors in Ivanhoe, KCMO, and the greater Kansas City area.  Dirt Beast Farm operates on 1.5 acres of urban lots, and the produce is sold alongside locally sourced products and garden supplies at The Garden Market, an online and mobile "agrarian corner store."

In order to ensure that Dirt Beast Farm grows with our neighbors in mind, we adopted a "Sustainable 3-Ps" approach, which doesn't limit our focus to financial gain. While many private businesses are most often associated with an eye (wearing blinders) on profits, we see profits as just one equal requirement for a successful urban farm. We pay just as much attention to the two other "P"s inherent to a sustainable business model - People and Planet. Without a constant focus on all 3 Ps, our business does not work, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Many thanks go out to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Cultivate KC, and other organizations for their financial support, necessary to get this farm up and running, to Mr Neil Rudisill of Woodland City Farm, who has served as an informal mentor over the years, to our neighbors for putting up with the Bobcat skid steer at odd hours (shout out to Mr and Mrs Hayes), and all of our friends and family for making this farm a reality.