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CSA starts May 2nd, but we are leaving sign up open until May 8th (late sign ups will get their last share the week of May 16th).


To learn more about CSA Memberships, click here!


In our standard CSA Membership, each weekly "share" will include a variety of 6-12 different crops from Dirt Beast Farm.  During some weeks, in order to add variety, we source produce from one of our partner farms, such as Woodland City Farm, Pearl Family Farm, Two Sisters Farm, and others.  An example of one week's share is: 1lb lacinato kale, 1lb collard greens, fresh basil, 3lbs mixed yellow and orange carrots with tops, 3-5 large slicer tomatoes, one bunch fresh onions, one bunch of mint.


On the Monday before your weekly pickup or delivery, Jameson will email a list of crops that will be in that week's CSA to all the CSA members.  CSA members also have first pick of any standalone produce that we sell on our site (for instance, if you would like to add a half pound bag of baby mustard salad greens to that week's CSA share, you will receive first dibbs :).  We request that you don't make substitutions to your week's CSA share as we plan for our weekly harvests months in advance, but we will do everything we can to accommodate any needed changes for allergies.  If you think you would like a little more flexibility, take a look at the Gift Card CSA.  Click here to check that out!


In the case of sickness or emergency that causes us to be unable to fulfill a CSA share one week (we are pretty scrappy operation without much wiggle room, financial or otherwise), our CSA members have a few options:

  1. Members can be given a "credit" of the value of that missed CSA share in order to go towards anything purchased from our site, whether it's pizza, a future CSA membership, standalone produce, etc
  2. Members can choose to donate the value of that share to future CSA members who opt in for our lower tier CSA Memberships.  By donating that week's share value, you help with our continued work towards stronger food equity in KC!


If any of our members cannot receive their weekly share due to sickness, travel, etc, the above options apply, as well as the option to have a friend or family member receive that week's share - be sure to communicate this to us so that we know who is getting your share!


For Sliding Scale:

Our scale is based on self-reported household income.  Nothing changes about the weekly shares no matter which income level you choose - same awesome veggies, same quantity and quality, etc.  Because we are deeply committed to making our produce as accessible as possible, we have tried to find the most straight-forward methods of meeting that goal.


How do you calculate which income group that you're in?

  • Take the total income of everyone in your household who share in expenses (count housemates if you live in a residence where all housemates share all income/expenses).  Income includes any money you receive (wages, inheritances, family asistance, etc).

  • Divide that income total by the number of individuals who share in expenses (including dependents, see above regarding housemates)

  • Example: Anne maked $120,000 and Jack maked $25,000 this past year and they share in expenses and have one child.  Divide $145,000 by 3 = $48,533.  This would fall under the Income Group $40k-$75k with a CSA share price of $250 or $25/week.


Why are we selling our CSA memberships through a sliding scale model?  It’s because organic, sustainable, local food is often sold at prices that are out of reach of many of our neighbors (myself, farm-owner Jameson, included - as I’m sure you know, farming requires long hours with little profit).  We believe the healthy local and sustainable fresh produce should be accessible to everyone no matter their income.  When one CSA member with a higher income can contribute a higher amount, that allows us to supply the same fresh veggies to our CSA members with much lower incomes.  This system means that  all of our CSA members are actively participating in solutions to food equity.


Thank you so much, to all of our CSA members, for supporting food equity!


If choosing the weekly payment option you will begin making weekly payments as soon as you check out.


Please note - if you're interested in Delivery:

If you are paying for the full 15-weeks at once, at checkout please select "CSA (Full Payment) Delivery" for $50 - this comes out to roughly $3 per week for your CSA, which is what it costs us to make deliveries.

If you are paying for the CSA memberships with weekly installments, please select "CSA Delivery (for weekly installment payments)"

Weekly Sliding Scale CSA: May - Aug (15-weeks)

Price Options
One-time purchase
CSA Weekly Payments
$25.00every week for 15 weeks
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