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20 seeds

WILDFLOWER (Asclepias viridis Walter) (April – September)— Native perennial forb with white showy flowers presented in an umbel. Within each of the flowers on the umbel there is a rose-purple color. Attracts beautiful butterflies and native and non-native bees, deer resistant, and fragrant and nectar producing flowers. We harvested these from an area of about 10 acres at our family farm outside of Garnett, Kansas. During the harvest we did not harvest every flower we came across rather we a little bit from all of it. This is regenerative harvesting where seeds remain in the ecosystem where they can feed the ecosystem and establish new plants. Harvesting wild flowers locally adapted to region is where it is at. Sow seeds in the Fall or cold stratify before planting in the Spring.

WILDFLOWER Spider Milkweed

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