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100 seeds

WILDFLOWER (Dalea purpurea Vent.) (100 seeds)— Purple Prairie Clover is a native perennial flowering plant in the legume family. Grows eight to 35 inches tall and has brilliant purple flowers. Good for preventing erosion and fixing nitrogen in the soil. It also attracts many bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies. Other insects eat the seeds and it is a larval host for the Southern Dogface butterfly. The leaves are edible, make good teas, and are medicinal. The stems can be used to make brooms. This is among the most important legumes in native grasslands in the Midwest. This plant enjoys full sunlight. We harvested these from an area of about 10 acres at our family farm outside of Garnett, Kansas. During the harvest we did not harvest every flower we came across rather we a little bit from all of it. This is regenerative harvesting where seeds remain in the ecosystem where they can feed the ecosystem and establish new plants. Harvesting wild flowers locally adapted to region is where it is at. Sow seeds in the Fall or cold stratify before planting in the Spring.

WILDFLOWER Purple Prairie Clover

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