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15 seeds

TOMATO (Solanum lycopersicum) Indeterminate (75 days) (15 seeds)— A Golden Cherry volunteer popped its little head out of the straw-manure fields at Boii Gardens in Wooster, Ohio, and produced well for us to sell at the farmers market. Seeds made their way into our bags and followed us to Kansas, to Arizona, and back to Kansas where they made their way into the soil. The population popped out red, peach, yellow, and orange cherries. We took the peach seeds, planted again here in Kansas, and all but one of the plants produced peach fruits. Plant them, save seeds from the peach producing plants, and repeat until all are peach and you have stabilized a variety; enjoy. Produces few seeds and has medium consistent production throughout the season.

TOMATO Peach Cobbler Cherry

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