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This is the most versatile option to support what we do while also receiving exactly what you want each week!  Normally, "CSA members" receive their weekly CSA share as a box or bag of fresh produce from the farm.  With this option, you can purchase ANYTHING from our online store, or at our farmers market stand, from August 15th to November 15th.  That way, if you go out of town, you just don't order produce.  Or maybe you have a lot of produce leftover from last week and want to order a pizza at one of our pizza nights.  You can do that with this CSA card!


IMPORTANT: Do not order from this page.  Head over to instead, and purchase from there.  That will direct you to the Gift Card Ordering Page.  Unfortanetly my website hosting service does not have a very elegant way of doing somthing like this.

CSA Debt Card Aug15-Nov15

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