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100 seeds

CILANTRO (Coriandrum sativum) (Leaves 3-4 weeks; seeds 45 days) (100 or 250 seeds)— It is complicated. Upon our arrival to Munson Knob outside of Wooster, Ohio, there was a garden already planted that had beautiful looking cilantro, we saved the seeds. The following season, volunteer cilantro plants emerged, grew, and produced seeds, we saved them and added them to the mix. The next year at Boii Gardens outside of Wooster we planted Santos cilantro with the evolving population from Munson Knob, we saved the seeds. Once in Kansas, we started planting this mix, saving seeds, and repeating. The results are delicious and the population has been bolting later for us which is a great benefit for cilantro. Fluid evolution will not let you down. Can you smell it? We can and it makes us want fresh salsa.

CILANTRO Fluid Evolution

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