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From The Buffalo Seed Company:


CELOSIA (Celosia argentea var. cristata) (Flowers June-First Frost) — While living in Wooster, Ohio, we wandered down to the vibrant farmers’ market and a kind Amish woman had buckets full of this brilliant deep reddish Celosia variety that is very reminiscent of a rooster’s comb when grown in full sun. She kindly provided us with a few flowers and we dried them in the cabin we were staying at on Munson Knob. It is a tender annual. The seeds have followed us around ever since. This is a great bouquet flower that can be dried and will hold its color through the entire winter. The plant normally reaches a foot in full sun and three feet in shaded areas. Brings in bees, butterflies, and wasps.

Celosia (Wooster Cockscomb) seedling (4 pack)

SKU: gs07
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