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CSA Membership

What's a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (aka, CSA) is a great way to help local farms with the high upfront costs that go into the growing of crops.  People sign up for a CSA membership weeks or months before crops are harvested and prepay for "shares" of each harvest over a period of time (for us, it's 10 weeks, from roughly May 15 - August 1, and September 1 - November 15).  When harvest time rolls around, members receive the absolute freshest produce every week, often harvested just hours beforehand.

Our standard CSAs are 10 weeks of the highest quality produce from our weekly harvest.  Each weekly "share" contains between 6-12 different crops.  We grow many crops exclusively for the for our CSA members, so that members receive varieties that we are most excited about.

And New for 2023: We're introducing the CSA Farm Card!  Think of it like a Debt Card or Gift Card, that you preload an amount ($200 in this case) and you can order anything from our online store every week depending on what you want!  This offers the most flexibility as you can order a small amount one week, large amount another, or use it for merchandise, seedlings, or even pizza!


We greatly appreciate the financial support that we receive each year from our CSA members, and we so very much value the relationships we form with our CSA members over the season!

Option 1: Sliding Scale CSA membership

No product

Option 2: CSA Farm Card

CSA Debt Card (August 15th - November 15)


Support Local Agriculture! This CSA membership option is the most flexible. You can use this gift card on anything in our online store from May 15 - Aug 15. Pizza, Produce, and Plants...anytime!...

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