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Dirt Beast Farm was started in winter 2017, transitioning 3 of our 13 urban lots to productive farmland. After a few dumpsters full of garbage, many hours clearing out trees and noxious weeds, grading the land, and soil remediation, we planted our first seed later that spring. From there on out, we incorporated growing practices to greatly expand our productive capacity, now cultivating 1.5 acres in the heart of Kansas City, MO.

Dirt Beast Farm is owned by Jameson Hubbard, from Kansas City, MO.  After a number of years living in the Pacific Northwest growing food and working with agricultural nonprofits, Jameson moved home to be closer to family. With this move, he brought his desire to start an urban farm centered around a "neighborhood services" approach, and landed in the Ivanhoe neighborhood, where a number of urban farming projects had already begun.

Jameson is joined by his partner, Dr Chhaya Kolavalli, who wrote her disertation on the racialization of "green development" in Kansas City, and the East side specifically. She brings an important voice and perspective to Dirt Beast Farm, and her work guides the direction of Dirt Beast Farm.  Dr Kolavalli has been published in Gastronomica, and has a book coming out soon (more details to follow).

Many thanks go out to the Missouri Department of Agriculture for funding, Neil Rudisill of Woodland City Farm, who served as an informal mentor for so many questions and during a number of work days, our neighbors for putting up with the Bobcat skid steer at odd hours (shout out to Mr and Mrs Hayes), and all of our friends and family for making this farm a reality.

Jameson Hubbard started Dirt Beast Farm to grow clean, affordable, nutritious, delicious, and sustainable produce for his neighbors in Ivanhoe, KCMO. In 2020, amid covid-19 stay-at-home orders, he established a sliding-scale CSA and weekly order pickup, enabling his neighbors to safely pick up boxes of fresh produce at an affordable price.

In order to ensure that Dirt Beast Farm grows with our neighbors in mind, we adopted a "Sustainable 3-Ps" approach, which doesn't limit our focus to financial gain. While many private businesses are most often associated with an eye (wearing blinders) on profits, we see profits as just one equal (and sometimes lesser-than) requirement for a successful urban farm. We pay just as much attention to the two other "P"s inherent to a sustainable business model - People and Planet. Without a constant focus on all 3 Ps, our business does not work, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Our neighbors, customers, friends, and family are our People, and we strive to bring them affordable, accessible, delicious, and nutrient-dense produce. And because we operate in a dense urban neighborhood, there is no reason why the vast majority of what we grow should not go to our neighbors. Urban farms take up a lot of space, and our 1.5 acres could easily be a park. For that reason, and many others, we have an obligation to our neighbors to provide an accessible service - joyous sustenance. Without our People, we would not exist, and for those People, we are beyond thankful.

Farming has for too long neglected our reliance on, and love for, our Planet - the living organism that we all live on, and live within.  While the food grown at Dirt Beast Farm is meant for People, our practices are meant for our Planet. We practice no till farming, cultivating just the first couple inches of soil, in order to preserve the complex and beneficial soil biome.  We are in the process of establishing extensive rainwater catchment systems, composting practices, and with a focus on keeping food grown in Ivanhoe IN IVANHOE, we greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to get delicious produce from our farm to your table.

We seek to create a truly sustainable business that can operate year after year. To do that, we put in a lot of time, sweat, a few tears, a bit of sacrificial blood, and yes significant financial investment. If you believe in the work of Dirt Beast Farm, purchase our fruits and vegetables and we will use whatever financial profits gained in order to grow with all three P's close to mind.

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